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Call for 2 positions for a service contract

Within the project "IRIS NETWORKing - CSOs for protection sensitive migration management", the Center for Psychological Support "Sensus" is announcing a call for 2 positions for a service contract:

-IT expert for the implementation of the training "Digital and information literacy"- 2 workshops

-Expert for the implementation of the 2 training modules on the topic "Providing the first online psychological support for children and adults in crisis"

Attached to the call are project tasks, which will be the criteria for admission to these positions.

Required documentation:

- CV in English

- Signed financial offer in English.

Send the required documentation to: Deadline to send required documents is Monday, 23.3.2021. to 12:00.

TOR Expert 2
Download PDF • 444KB

TOR Expert 1
Download PDF • 446KB

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